Our Last Codes 2015, 28th December was planned to be a gather together event where developers around Gauteng: GDG Vut, GDG Pretoria, GDG Wits, GDG Johannesburg, GDG Khayelitsha, GDG UCT and other guests would be sharing practical and real life programming experience, demo their current applications and share cool ideas to inspire and motivate others in their programming career in general and Android essentially.

Overall Objective:

* Enhance android programming skills in our local developer community

* strengthen collaboration and cooperation between us (GDGs).

* recruit more developers in the group

Success Highlights:

This event has allowed many developers to improve their current applications by making use of Docker, kuberntees and container engine. This event has fortified the relation between Gauteng GDGs; and have permitted us to recruit new professional developers.

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How many registered to attend : 21

How many turned up in total : 17

Male Attendees : 14

Female Attendees : 3