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Our mission and vision is to: establish a structure or platform where developers around Vanderbijlpark can find a place to gather together as a team and discuss. The main purpose is to bring together as many programmers as possible in order to exchange and share some knowledge and ideas about Google’s developer technologies (such as Android, Google Cloud platforms, etc.).
Raise the interest of working as a group; discussing some Google technologies and their implementations, bringing more focus on codes for android apps and publishing robust apps. Set a variety of sections within the group (such as mobile, desktop, web). Organise coding tutorials events (Android, java, html5, php…) intended to help those whose coding skills are a bit rusty. Host competitions and run projects that will push people’s limits and encourage them to publish apps.


GDG VUT’s goal is to promote Google technologies by setting up a very strong group of developers that will be publishing powerful android Apps from games, social, entertainment to educational apps. Therefore we would have to gather as many developers as possible and arise interest of programming to other students.