GDG Vut, in collaboration with, has organized on 26th of March 2016 at Vaal University Of Technology (GW006) from 10:00 AM- 1:00PM an Android codelab and training on Intel RealSense (Intel Edison). The content has mainly covered new tools and techniques for Android; and the Intel RealSense 3D camera for modern systems design as well as for Games development.

Overall Objective:

* Enhance android programming skills in our local developer community

* strengthen collaboration and cooperation between us (GDGs).

* recruit more developers in the group

Success Highlights:

This event has allowed many developers to improve their current applications by making use of Intel realsense technology . This event has strengthened android developer knowledge ; and have permitted us to recruit new professional developers.

Photo : Click Here

"Medium" by Thomas Hawk.
"Colorado" by Trey Ratcliff.
"Early Morning at the Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge, Colorado" by Dave Soldano.
"Sunrise in Eastern Colorado" by Pam Morris.
"colorado colors" by Jasen Miller.

How many registered to attend : 17

How many turned up in total : 15

Male Attendees : 13

Female Attendees : 2